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Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
tired to me. >> romney won hands down. >> he was very, very bad last night. >> jon: there is no red america there is no blue america there is only the america that can't believe how bad this guy did in the debate. how bad was the defeat o bama lost despite mitt romney doing this. >> i'm sorry, i will stop the sub sid to pgs. i like big board, i like few, but i'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from china to pay for it. >> jon: mother [bleep] fired big board. america's favorite nonfried bird. he fired big board and won. beloved children's character. romney could have water boarded aladdin, put down blue, deported dora the explorer. and still won walking away. romney won with the sound up. >> your title of the president of your own airplane, house and facts. >> jon: romney won with the sound off. dude, he's yelling at you. look up. look up! what are you looking at? what are you writing that's so important? what are you doing-- oh, that's not-- oh, i didn't realize that is impressive work. i didn't realize that. (applause) maybe you could give that to mitt
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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, guys, slow down. if mitt romney doesn't pass out. >> not likely but ifed happens, buying victory. >> jon: and if barack obama keeps his (bleep) in his pants >> i don't see that happening but fingers cross, that would be a huge, huge victory. >> jon: will help americans decide which one of these functional man children is best-equipped to bring america back to greatness. >> yep. >> jon: thank you so much, >> jon: thank you much! transparency, openness, open lines of communication, they are not just phrases you vaguely hear your wife say while you are trying to watch the giants game. also important hallmarks of professional administration and that is the subject of our installment of our new series, do you guys ever talk to each other? >> tonight's topic, the terrorist attack, on the u.s. embassy in libya that killed four americans, including our ambassador to libya. >> white house was still in fact finding mode. >> i am telling you this is under investigation, an ongoing investigation. >> jon: that is good thinking. although in the press conference we did establish a hunch. >> we
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Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
this entire presidential race upside down. >> what's happening? who let the dogs out, who, who? [laughter] >> jon: who let the dogs out? did you know mitt romney was one of the original baja men? not the band. he just keeps his money in baja. here's what's crazy about this, if i'm not mistaken, sean hannity, you believe the this president to be what? >> he's the worst president we've had in my lifetime. a worse president than jimmy carter. this is the worst president america has ever had. >> jon: the worst ever in your lifetime on record ever, ever, ever, ever. and on the eve of the first presidential debate, the best, most explosive critique that you could deliver of the worst president we have ever had in this country is treating us to some reanimated [bleeped] video already been seen as though it were the rodney king tape in reverse. for more we're joined by our great black american panel, senior black men traitor, and wyatt cenak, larry wilmore. watching that hannity piece, it's almost unbelievable to see such naked race-baiting on television. what is that in >> it's some bull belief
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)